5 Link Building Tips for 2017

5 Link Building Tips for 2017

13 July 2017,   By ,   0 Comments

If you’ve been around SEO for a while you’ll have seen Google constantly turning the thumbscrews on link building. As one of Google’s top 3 methods of ranking a site, building links has been a core area of focus, and one which has been abused again and again. Google are always seeking ways to ignore links which do not appear to be natural, yet protect links as a worthwhile metric in understanding the authority and value a website provides.

Below are a few methods of building links in today’s search landscape to get your website in front of people, give them something of value which, we hope, will lead to links being created.


We all love data – whether it’s the fact that any one time 0.7% of the world’s population is drunk or that the average page load time, even in these glorious days of broadband, is a huge 6.5 seconds. Data gets people’s attention, it’s quick to understand and fun to engage with… There’s lots of free data out there which you can process and draw your own conclusions from, but it can take time to get all the pieces together. These days it can be far more efficient to build your own data using the likes of Pollfish or Google Surveys. Not only can you set your own questions, but also ensure the demographic fits with your target market or audience to make the data as relevant as possible.

Expert Opinion

People don’t particularly like being sold to particularly when it comes to emailing influencers on behalf of Company X via Marketing Agency Y. Get an expert onboard who other influencers would be interested to hear from, and share your content highlighting their input. One starting point in finding an expert who might be up for something mutually beneficial is Amazon’s New Releases. Take a look at the upcoming books related to the niche you’re looking to build content and links around, and you may find authors with a book on the way that will be keen to get involved.

Bespoke Content

Publications often make their editorial calendars, or forward features, available. Identify relevant publications, grab the data, trawl through the calendars and see where you can support the journalist in delivering that feature. You don’t need to have anything in-hand – build the relationship, ask how you can help and go ahead and create what’s needed – be it industry insight, consumer research etc.

Get That Link!

So you’ve pulled together an incredible press release to support your amazing content, worked with some amazing people and you’re getting this out to the right people. Job done? Nope! How can you ensure that when journalists and publishers reference you, link to you? A great way is to use the press release as a teaser to get them on to your website. Draw journalists in with a few stats and then give them a few more on your website with more supporting data. Make these easy to digest and pull in to support their own features.

Keep Building Relationships

With link building and PR becoming ever more closely aligned, link builders may need to step out from behind email blasts and nurture relationships, meet people, stay in touch and keep delivering value.

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