What the Heck Are Dark Patterns?

You may not have come across the term dark patterns, but you are likely to encountered their practice. Dark Patterns are the hidden costs, sneaking things into your basket with default add-ons and trick questions – the measures a website will take to have you sign up to something you didn’t intend to, perhaps inadvertently add that extra £2pm to your insurance when you checkout…

Basket abandonment is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of e-commerce. You have done all the hard work to build the site, find the products, market them, reach potential customers, have those customers get to your site and even add the product to their basket. What could go wrong?!

The latest data from Listrak suggests the current rate of basket abandonment is 77%. How does this tally with your business?

Abandon Ship!

So what’s behind people not following their add to basket through to sale? There are plenty of studies on the reasons, and they don’t change much either.

  1. Unexpected delivery costs
  2. Need to create an account
  3. Researching purchase
  4. Payment options
  5. Security


Grow Revenue = Get More Traffic

With CRO
Grow Revenue = Get More £ from Existing Traffic (and then extract more £ from future traffic increase)

This month we’ve been working with Healthy Back Bag to identify areas of improvement for their website. Built with Drupal Commerce, the current site was launched in 2014 with the client wanting to identify the impact/£ contribution of certain parts of the site, general areas for improvement, pain points in the purchase process and make the case for any changes with supporting evidence.

Starting with a deep-dive through their Google Analytics account we were able to identify under performing areas and areas of opportunity to look into further. With areas of focus to hone in on, we applied visitor heat mapping, screen recordings and qualitative user data to better understand the interactions and customer journeys being taken.

The result was an actionable report, backed up with data, which highlighted the issues and provided recommendations for each section. In some cases there were fresh ideas while other parts gave validation to what had been suspected, giving the company to move forward with confidence with proposed changes.