5 Link Building Tips for 2017

If you’ve been around SEO for a while you’ll have seen Google constantly turning the thumbscrews on link building. As one of Google’s top 3 methods of ranking a site, building links has been a core area of focus, and one which has been abused again and again. Google are always seeking ways to ignore links which do not appear to be natural, yet protect links as a worthwhile metric in understanding the authority and value a website provides.

Below are a few methods of building links in today’s search landscape to get your website in front of people, give them something of value which, we hope, will lead to links being created.

What Are Featured Snippets?

A featured snippet, or answer box, is an extract from a web page above Google’s organic search results (position 0) which aims to answer the query there and then. 

There are three types of featured snippet in Google – paragraph, list and table. Depending on the datasource, typically 10% of search queries have featured snippets.