What the Heck Are Dark Patterns?

You may not have come across the term dark patterns, but you are likely to encountered their practice. Dark Patterns are the hidden costs, sneaking things into your basket with default add-ons and trick questions – the measures a website will take to have you sign up to something you didn’t intend to, perhaps inadvertently add that extra £2pm to your insurance when you checkout…

Over the years we have worked with corporate juggernauts through to one-(wo)man operations and have found that we love working with SMEs. We can focus on getting you results by doing the doing rather than meetings about meetings and endless levels of sign-off.

As a small business, you may have a handful of people, each of whom know their part of the business very well. When it comes to meeting with you, we can efficiently get to the detail needed to understand all facets of the business and how we can provide responses that meet your needs.