Will Your Website Be Flagged As Not Secure?


If your website address starts with HTTP and not HTTPS, Google Chrome v56 to be released at the end of January 2017 will label your site as Not Secure.

To fix this you need to implement an SSL certificate. There are SEO benefits to having an SSL certificate but be mindful that your site must be migrated correctly otherwise it could impact you negatively.


Google is now delivering AMP versions of eCommerce pages in their results. Previously limited to news sites, Accelerated Mobile Pages are stripped back versions, designed to run quickly on mobile devices cached on Google’s servers.

Should You Implement AMP on Your eCommerce Site?

Back in October 2015 Google launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which provided an open framework to deliver light-weight webpages for even faster loading on the go. At that time the focus was purely on publishers only, with Google pushing AMP news articles from the likes of The Guardian, Wired and The New York Times from their search results. Within 6 months nearly 40% of news sites had implemented AMP.